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Posted by Noi McIntyre on November 19, 2019

Hi everyone, the 2 - day 'House Blessing' celebrations on 16th & 17th November, turned out to be a wonderful event with all of my family being there together with 100's of people, including lots of children from my local village.

We started the 1st day off with traditionally dressed dancers welcoming everyone as they arrived



This was then followed by competitions for the many children that were there and we had sack races together with many other games and prizes for everyone. 


Some of the older children took part in canoe races on the lake in front of my house. We held a prize ceremony for the winners with trophy's being presented and everyone there had a great fun time. 

Of course after the racing, everyone was hungry and we had a beautiful buffet so that the competitors and spectators of course, could help themselves in what turned out to be a carnival day.


In the evening after it became dark, the Buddhist Monks came down to the lake and carried out a traditional Thai Blessing ceremony.


After the ceremony we took part in the traditional lantern festival,

'Loy Khatong',  where everyone light a candle in a small paper boat and they sailed across the lake, it was a really wonderful sight.

The party went on until well into the evening until they all eventually left and I could flop down into my bed exhausted ! zzzzz !

Fairly early the following morning, the Buddhist Monks from the local Temple, returned again and joined us for breakfast, this is traditional in Thailand. They then performed the traditional and formal blessing of the house.


We were then joined again by my family and took part in a riverside ceremony where we released thousands of fish into the river giving them a life of freedom.


In the afternoon when the celebrations had finished, I spent most of the time relaxing in a canoe on the river and tried to count the fish but I found it impossible as they kept on moving around !!! 


The whole 2-day event was a wonderful blessing 

this was followed by competitions for the many children that were there. We had sack races and many other games with prizes for everyone. 'Crannog House' and something that I will certainly never forget. 

I am sure that my family and the people from the village felt exactly the same way. Of course none of this would have been possible without the support of my customers back in Scotland who made this all possible.... THANK YOU !

I must also say a special thank you to my family in Thailand, especially my older sister and Brother-in-law who have worked so hard to make my house, garden and lake so beautiful.

Sadly, I have now got a few days of clearing up to do now after the party but it was still all very worthwhile

Posted by Noi McIntyre on November 19, 2019


How amazing Noi - I am thrilled for you
You deserve this - you are a very hard working, ambitious lady!
All set up for your retirement in the future
Best Wishes

By LORNA MORTON on 19th Nov 2019

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

By jayne fazakerley on 20th Nov 2019

What an amazing ceremony Noi! Your house I hope will lead a very happy life. And now you can enjoy the rest of your life in the two beautiful houses you own in two beautiful countries. Tristan

By Tristan on 21st Nov 2019

That sounds absolutely wonderful.
Enjoy you new house and sunshine - it’s cold and wet here.

By Cath on 22nd Nov 2019

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Noi is not only a truly wonderful lady, but also has a wonderful gift, her massage skills are both theraputic and relaxing. Go and try for yourself, you will feel the benefits and without a doubt return time and again.

Bernadette Jeavons

I have MS and have been regularly visiting Noi for treatment over 18 months. She is a lovely person and her massage treatments (both traditional Thai & oil) really help me. I would strongly recommend Noi for any condition or just purely for the lovely experience of enjoying a traditional Thai Massage.

Ian Blake

The Thai Massage room is so relaxing. Noi is very professional and her experience and love of what she is doing is obvious. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to the massage room and will be returning again in the very near future.

Lily Judge