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How to stay Scocial while Socoial Distancing

Being separated from our close friends and family is difficult but here's a few tips...

Posted by Noi McIntyre on April 9, 2020

Being separated from our close friends and family is difficult but here are a few tips as to how you can cope!

Virtual Gatherings: While right now many of us need a night to let loose with our friends to relieve some stress, it’s not necessarily in the realm of possibilities. but here are a few ways that you can stay in touch virtually. 

Zoom Events: Zoom is a free app that you can download on your phone or computer. Once you’ve signed up, you can set up a virtual event for your friends or family, share a link with them, and go for it. Set up weekly meetings with your friends or use it for virtual celebrations. If someone has a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or anything else you’d normally throw a party for, why not do it virtually? You can all see each other, talk, and enjoy the company. It’s a great way to keep in touch and stay connected with your friends when you can’t be together in person. 

Netflix Party: This is a Google Chrome extension and requires all parties to use Chrome on desktop. You and your binge-watching friends all must install the extension. Once that’s done, you get on Netflix and prepare an episode or movie, then click on the NP icon in your extension bar. It will give you a link that you can send to your friends. You can watch the episode or movie together, it will be synced up, and there’s even a built-in chat interface so you can talk about the show.  

Video Chatting: No matter what kind of device you use, video chatting is easy as can be. You can Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, or Skype with just a few clicks. While talking on the phone keeps you connected, actually being able to see who you’re talking to gives you a bigger sense of connection. Video chat as often as possible and stay closely connected to everyone in your life.

Create Neighbourhood Chalk Art: Who says social distancing means you can’t get some fresh air while spreading neighbourhood cheer? Draw an uplifting picture, or write encouraging words throughout the neighbourhood for others to see when they're walking/driving. Get the kids involved too! Don’t underestimate the power of a positive word.

Of course, be careful, always have permission and stay safe when you’re making this chalk art, but spreading cheer throughout your neighbourhood is sure to keep you feeling connected. 

Noi is not only a truly wonderful lady, but also has a wonderful gift, her massage skills are both theraputic and relaxing. Go and try for yourself, you will feel the benefits and without a doubt return time and again.

Bernadette Jeavons

I have MS and have been regularly visiting Noi for treatment over 18 months. She is a lovely person and her massage treatments (both traditional Thai & oil) really help me. I would strongly recommend Noi for any condition or just purely for the lovely experience of enjoying a traditional Thai Massage.

Ian Blake

The Thai Massage room is so relaxing. Noi is very professional and her experience and love of what she is doing is obvious. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to the massage room and will be returning again in the very near future.

Lily Judge